Beginners need to understand that the power while bodybuilding should be quite different than the average person. If you ate before the current soup, morning afternoon and evening, so food will not fit! You need to eat more calories , have the power to drag the bar in the hall and that there were still calories for muscle growth. After all, in the same soup is very low in calories there is one current water and a few pieces of potatoes and greens. You will have to go to the porridge, you can not love them, but will have to fall in love if you want to engage in this sport and get good results and achievement. Ideal nutrition in bodybuilding : As you can use cereals: buckwheat, oatmeal, barley, millet, rice is the most good and healthy cereals, which contain a lot of complex (slow) carbohydrates . They have about 300 calories - 340 calories per 100 grams, after eating a food you will feel full up to 4 hours and you will have a lot of energy. Also, you need to eat more, Sport pharmacology and proteins you need them to construct cells (muscle), without the protein your muscles will not grow! As recommended protein: fish, eggs, meat, milk, soy and other products. Fat can not be much abused, since from its excess you will Sport pharmacology it to accumulate in your body (plump), to give full of it, too, can not, because he needs the body (in small amounts). Fat is taking part in the structure of cells and the formation of certain hormones . Without vitamins, too, will not be the case! All these foods listed above will be well absorbed if you eat more vitamins (fruits and vegetables), because they take part in various chemical processes, if the body will not have enough vitamins, some of the food will just not be assimilated! Finally, the water is also very important, without it does not want to be assimilated by the food, the current properties of the fat has deposited in the body even without water. A protein and carbohydrates need 4 grams of water to digest 1 gram. Drink at 2-2.5 liters of water per day.

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